For information or assistance, please contact: Phone: 810-820-8020 Fax: 810-820-8022
Our address is: 642 East Pierson Rd.
Flint, Michigan 48505


Child painting at easelOur curriculum is appropriate for the age of the child. We teach them meaningful, fun and rich lessons that they can bring with them as they grow. Furthermore, our activities encourage them to learn more information and develop more skills as part of their growth and development. The following activities are what we offer:

  • Make a personalized placemat to improve reading and writing skills
  • Sorting beans to help them develop skills in math and problem-solving activities
  • Amazing bubbles so that they improve their observation skills
  • Sharing stories to improve understanding on how things work
  • Making hieroglyphics so they can learn to appreciate art
  • They use clay to form letters and learn handwriting
  • They begin to use the computer
  • Using kitchen tools to create music and discover musical beat

Activities like these can create hours of fun and enjoyment for the kids that they will surely love. Call us at 810-820-8020 for enrollment inquiries.

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