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KidsWhy Honey Bee Palace Childcare Center 2 INC.?
The programs at Honey Bee Palace Childcare Center 2 INC. significantly contribute to the wholesome development of a child. We believe that children are capable, active learners, and are able to construct their knowledge through exploration, investigation, story and play. Our safe, age-specific classrooms allow them to do this under the careful watch of professional, caring teachers. Children leave Honey Bee Palace Childcare Center 2 INC. well-prepared for their future education. They are empowered to acquire the skills needed to become responsible members of the community, creative problem solvers and life-long learners. Children learn best through repetitive exposure and experience and find it comforting when they can predict what will happen next. A routine lets children understand what is expected and what choices they have. It is very important for them to feel as though they have some control over their environment and their lives. By providing consistent routine and dependable teachers, we will help your child feel secure and comfortable at daycare and school.

  • Infants Program

    KidsAt Honey Bee Palace Childcare Center 2 INC., we understand that parents are looking for a “home away from home” when selecting a child care center; a place where your child will be safe as he grows, plays, and learns. We have done our best at creating just that environment in our infant classrooms, the Cacoons (0 to 6 months) and Caterpillars (6months to 12 months). In these rooms, we have designed a nurturing and soothing environment that is most conducive to your baby’s ever developing and growing needs.

    Each infant is unique and has his or her own pattern for eating, sleeping, and playing. Our teachers carefully observe each infant’s routine and then introduce a variety of daily activities that will help your infant develop his or her mind and body. Your infant’s daily events and activities, such as diapering, napping, and eating are recorded on a chart and provided to you at the end of the day.

    Our infant program has four main goals for your child: to learn about himself or herself and others; to learn about moving; to learn about the world; and, to learn about communicating. Each of these goals has objectives to help you and our teachers evaluate your child’s development.

    Visit for more information on Infant/Toddler Key Development Indicators.

  • Toddler Program

    KidsOur toddler program consists of two classrooms: the Ladybugs (12 months to 20 months) and the Bumblebees (20 months to 30 months).

    The Ladybugs are a group of younger toddlers (12 months to 20 months) who are just beginning to crawl and walk; who are learning and developing so rapidly, every day is different from the last. During this time in a child’s development, providing a variety of physical and cognitive learning experiences is essential. Therefore, the Ladybug classroom has a wide assortment of equipment and materials available to challenge each child at every level of their development. A daily record of your toddler’s activities is kept and provided through pick-up.

    The Bumblebees are a group of older, highly mobile toddlers (20 months to 30 months). These toddlers are forming their first words, experimenting with trial-and-error to solve problems, and learning to function as a part of a group. In this classroom, a flexible classroom schedule is implemented and the children participate in a variety of planned large and small groups, as well as one-on-one, activities. All the excitement is recorded on a daily chart and given to you through pick-up each evening.

    Our toddler program has four goals for your child: to learn about himself or herself and others; to learn about moving; to learn about the world; and to learn about communicating. Each of these goals has several objectives that include regulating own’s behavior, learning to be a member of a group, learning and understanding how objects can be used, and developing language skills. Our teachers use these goals and objectives to measure your child’s development and provide you with feedback.

    Visit for more information on Infant/Toddler Key Development Indicators.

  • Two & Three-Year-Old Program

    KidsWe have older 2-year-old and young 3-year-old programs to better accommodate the wide range of developmental abilities and needs of the children in this age group. The older 2-year-old classroom is called the Fireflies; our young 3-year-old classroom is called the Butterflies. Not every child will participate in both the Firefly and Butterfly classrooms. A child’s developmental level determines which program he or she will participate in. Some children will benefit from participation in both two-year-old programs, while others will benefit from participation in just one or the other.

    Our two-year-old program has four main goals and 21 objectives for your child to master before entering the three-year-old program. The goals include learning about herself and others, learning about moving, learning about the world, and learning to communicate. The objectives are a way for our teachers to monitor your child’s development and include managing emotions, using personal care skills, showing a basic understanding of cause and effect, engaging in pretend play, participating in conversation, and experimenting with drawing and writing.

    Visit for more information on Infant/Toddler Key Development Indicators.

  • Three & Four-Year-Old Program

    KidsHoney Bee Palace’s has older 3 and young 4-year-old program which is called the Grasshoppers. The Highscope Curriculum for Preschool allows our teachers to provide a rich classroom environment where children are encouraged to explore and are challenged to learn. Your pre-preschooler will make new friends and develop self-confidence as he or she strengthens cognitive skills.

    Our Grasshopper program is filled with early experiences in preparation for the preschool setting. Implementing our Highscope classroom means our daily routine is a visual schedule that is predictable and planned based on the child’s interest. Work areas are intentional in our classroom as Highscope focuses on a plan-do-review routine. Large group time gives the opportunity for music and movement that create shared experiences in our community of children and teachers alike. Our small group gives the teacher a chance to key in on learning in more specific content areas. The day is complete with all meals provided family style and plenty of large motor on 1 of our outdoor play areas.

    Visit for more information on Preschool Approaches to Learning

  • GSRP Preschool (4-year-old)

    Great Start Readiness Program
    The Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) is Michigan’s state-funded preschool program for four-year-old children with factors which may place them at risk of educational failure. The program is administered by the Michigan Department of Education, Office of Great Start. Funding is allocated to each intermediate school district to administer the program locally. The child has to be four years old on or before September 1 in that calendar year.

    Research on preschool programs and specific research on GSRP indicate that children provided with a high-quality preschool experience show significant positive developmental differences when compared to children from the same backgrounds who did not attend a high-quality preschool program. Our high scope curriculum is carried out by a lead and associate teacher who is educated, trained and monitored using a Program Quality Assessment. Children and families really enjoy our staff engagement through family nights, home visits and conferences. Graduation ceremony each spring gives each child a feeling of excitement and accomplishment for their final year of preschool.

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  • Before and After School
    Honey Bee Palace Childcare Center 2 INC. offers before and after school care for children in grades K-5. The program, Wise Guys, is a safe, supervised, caring environment that provides working parents peace of mind by filling the gap between school and home. In order to promote social, physical and cognitive development, a variety of club activities and structured free choice activities are available each day.
  • Transportation


    Transportation is offered for those parents that work 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shifts for their child who are going to school or coming from school. The schools where we drop off and pick up from are:

    • The New Standard Academy
    • McMonagle Elementary
    • Linden Charter Academy
    • Greater Heights Academy
    • Summerfield Head Start
    • Eagle’s Nest Academy

We carefully studied the growth and development of children during this stage in life; that is why we are able to provide them a good curriculum to meet their needs.

We want our parents to continually support their kids by collaborating with us. We are a school that you can trust! To know more information about our programs, please contact us at 810-820-8702.

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