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Our address is: 642 East Pierson Rd.
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Two children drawingPreschoolers love to have fun; that is why they participate in activities that are engaging and interactive. At Honey Bee Palace Child Care Center, we offer preschool activities that are not just fun for them but as well as helpful for their early learning and physical development. The following fun activities are what we offer:

  • We enhance their creativity through arts and crafts.
  • They do cooking with friends to enhance skills and communication.
  • We give them dance classes to discover their talents.
  • We allow them to get involved in music to discover their interest.
  • Nature activities are very suitable to stimulate their senses and discover a lot of things.
  • Puzzle games are fun and competitive.
  • To help the child master different colors, we have painting activities for them.
  • We also have counting game to help them be familiar with numbers.

Preschool helps the child to discover his or her interests, abilities and talents. We offer these activities for them to learn and have fun at the same time. Ready to enroll? Call 810-820-8020 for more information.

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