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Summer Camp

Two girls smilingIt is the time of the year when children will do some outdoor activities in which they can jump, walk, run and do other physical activities that they love doing. With the help of our faculty, we ensure that safety and fun are incorporated in all of our summer camp programs. The following activities we provide are appropriate for their age:

  • We have bicycle activities for the kids to help them learn about friendly competition.
  • We help them learn to coordinate with others by playing crate tug-o-war.
  • No one should miss the fun of playing huge board game.
  • Of course, there are sports games and competitions.
  • We incorporate arts and crafts through making bracelets.
  • We also have sun prints as part of the art classes incorporated.
  • Kids love to taste the delicious camp foods we prepare for them.
  • They can dance, sing and learn some musical instruments.

Who does not love summer camp with all of these fun activities? Better get your child involved with this now! Call 810-820-8020 for inquiries!

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