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Toddler Program

KidsOur toddler program consists of two classrooms: the Ladybugs (12 months to 20 months) and the Bumblebees (20 months to 30 months).

The Ladybugs are a group of younger toddlers (12 months to 20 months) who are just beginning to crawl and walk; who are learning and developing so rapidly, every day is different from the last. During this time in a child’s development, providing a variety of physical and cognitive learning experiences is essential. Therefore, the Ladybug classroom has a wide assortment of equipment and materials available to challenge each child at every level of their development. A daily record of your toddler’s activities is kept and provided through pick-up.

The Bumblebees are a group of older, highly mobile toddlers (20 months to 30 months). These toddlers are forming their first words, experimenting with trial-and-error to solve problems, and learning to function as a part of a group. In this classroom, a flexible classroom schedule is implemented and the children participate in a variety of planned large and small groups, as well as one-on-one, activities. All the excitement is recorded on a daily chart and given to you through pick-up each evening.

Our toddler program has four goals for your child: to learn about himself or herself and others; to learn about moving; to learn about the world; and to learn about communicating. Each of these goals has several objectives that include regulating own’s behavior, learning to be a member of a group, learning and understanding how objects can be used, and developing language skills. Our teachers use these goals and objectives to measure your child’s development and provide you with feedback.

Visit for more information on Infant/Toddler Key Development Indicators.

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